DEMO (som ny) saddlebox double basic inkl. cover

12.000,00 DKK

Saddlebox Double tack box with it´s two modules, is suitable for riders that compete frequently.

Saddlebox combines a painted metallic structure and a second skin of superior quality vinyl resistant to the ultra violet rays and to the humidity.

Inside, drawers, shelves and hooks will allow you to carry your riding equipment wherever you want, all well ordered. Intelligent solutions, such as our pull-out saddle holder, make it possible for the equipment placement to be much simpler. A shelter for your saddle.

To ensure you enjoy the portable tack box for many years, we have paid special attention to the quality of the materials and to all the details. Manufactured with 1.5mm thick steel sheets and continuous welds, Saddlebox is designed to last and withstand the most extreme conditions of use.

Travelling to riding contest can be crazy. Bands, reins, saddles, and other equipment must be stored. That is why it is important to make it easy for you. The wheels with brakes and the handles will facilitate their transport. Our portable tack boxes are designed to accompany you wherever you go.

Material: 1.5 mm-steel body and doors.

The body of the Tack Box: Designed to transport heavy loads up to 200 Kg. The structure has two modules. The right module is eqquiped with an inner drawer height of 200 mm in the upper part, 2 saddle holders and 8 hangers, 4 on each side, to hang equipment. The left module has two inner drawers and one shelve to place the equipment.

Saddle holder: The saddle racks are extensible and have an adjustable height.

Door: Door installed with concealed hinges. The door is equipped with 2 reins holders, one mirror and one bandage box.

Handles and tow hook: Equipped with two handles on the sides and a pull hook in order to handle the horse tack box properly (in the Double and Olympic models).

Door Lock: Door lock and a security key.

Interior finish: Polyester powder coat white paint (RAL7035)

Exterior finish: Polyester powder coat paint or high quality vinyl which is resistant to weathering and UV-light.

Wheels: 200 mm diameter rubber wheels with brakes on two of them. Front wheels are fixed and rear can swivel.

Delivery: In wooden pallets with protecting packaging.

Dimensiones: 1000 x 1000 x 660 mm (height-width-depth) – 1235 x 1140 x 660 (with wheel and handles)

Weight: 80 Kg

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